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Indian classical dance performance is incomplete without full on traditional attire and classic makeup that beautifies and amplifies the performance of the dancers. Whether it is Bharatanatyam dance, the graceful Kathak dance, or the dramatic eyes of Kuchipudi, dancers wear makeup to add a dramatic effect to their performance. Just as you can't think of performing a dance style without the specific costume, you can't perform without the dance makeup. So, to present your skills and bring out the actual drama on the stage, you need good makeup items.

If you are looking for a one-stop platform where you can shop for all the makeup essentials for Indian classical dance performances then Classical Dance Jewelry is the place for you. Here, you will find different makeup items for dancers and dance teams. More specifically speaking, we are known for offering the best Bharatanatyam makeup items, Kuchipudi makeup items, or Kathak makeup items. In short, you will find all essential dance makeup items at the best price possible.

Bharatanatyam Makeup range that will last for hours and wouldn’t falter even when you make your classical steps to the beat. From high-quality kajals to long-lasting makeup panc sticks, we have got everything in our store - Classical Dance Jewelry.

For your convenience, we have even sorted out everything in a single set where you will find every essential Kathak, Kuchipudi, or Bharatanatyam makeup item that you need to complete your dance performance look.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore from our range of makeup collection and pick your choice now!

Essential Dance Makeup Items Available

Some of the bestselling and essential dance makeup items available at our store are –

  • Kajal/Eyeliner

Eyes are the main feature that dancers highlight as they tend to draw attention to their performance with their expressions. In order to make eyes more expressive and dramatic for the dance performance, heavy use of kajals and eyeliners are used.

At our store, you’ll find fine quality kajal brands that will make your eyes even more expressive. We’ve got the popular brand Lakme for kajals and eyeliners. Smudge proof with dark pigmentation, this brand has got the best thing to offer for kajals and eyeliners.

  • Bobby Pins

Another makeup essential that you can’t do without for your dance performance is bobby pins. Your jura or braid needs to be tucked in the best way possible and bobby pins are the makeup accessory that you require in your kit.

We have got classic bobby pins set to tame the flyways and secure your braids. We’ve also got U-shaped bobby pins that are perfect for securing heavy jura or buns.

  • Face/Body Glitter

To add a more dramatic effect to your look, you’ll find a great range of face and body glitter in our store. Dazzle your look and make a lasting impression with your performance, with the use of face/body glitter.

You’ll find three shades of glitter – pink, gold and bronze face/body glitter. Safe for use on skin and easy to wear, use superior quality face/body glitter to amplify your dance look and performance.

That’s not all, you will find plenty of other dance makeup items at our store that you can use to complete your dance look. Our 35-piece makeup kit is a must-have if you want to complete your makeup shopping in one go.

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So, what are you waiting for? Explore our store and shop for your essential makeup items to complement your dance look and performance. We assure you that you’ll find only the best quality products at the best price possible.

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