About Us

Hobby Turned into a Business

This enthusiastic mom-daughter duo teamed up about six years ago to run Classical Dance Jewelry. We have both been passionate about art and culture. With all the memories of the traditions that we saw in our family, we began this successful entrepreneurial journey.  

Focus on Classical Dance Jewelry & Event Essentials

Classical Dance Jewelry has unique products and concepts. We believe in providing you the best customer service and wide variety of high-quality products at good prices. All our products are sourced from various manufacturers across world. It’s our constant research to expand the range of products and source different styles and ranges. If you know unique products and would like to suggest, please message us. 

Cherish the Moments

We are very proud to source information and talk about every aspect of traditional events and classical dances. Take a look at our products and we invite our customers to contribute their pictures and please tag us at @Classicaldancejewelry on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

Getting in Touch with Us

We are available in store as well as online at classicaldancejewelry.net. To contact us, please use the contact us form on the website or email us at classicaldancejewelry@gmail.com with questions or concerns.