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Buy exquisitely designed high-quality Jada Billalu ideal for weddings and other events. We present to you a wide collection of Jada Billalu that can make your hairstyle look extremely fabulous and unique.

Jada Billalu is a traditional Indian hair accessory or ornament that is worn along the length of the braid as a sign of auspiciousness and vanity. You can find many variations of Jada Billalu and in fact, some women use flowers and petals as well to make their very own Jada Billalu.

Even though the Jada Billalu flowers are originally jasmine, roses, orchids, and other flowers, it is hard to keep the flowers fresh and have floral fragrance all around the clock. So, you can think of getting the Jada designs that are made from stones, rustic gold, or artificial flowers as they offer the same elegant look that you want to have.

Also, this hair ornament is commonly seen to be worn by Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers as a part of their traditional attire. However, Jada Billalu is also popularly worn in wedding parties and other occasions.

At Classical Dance Jewelry, you will find many varieties of Jada Billa designs. Explore our collection of Jada Billalu flowers and gold Jada designs with price tags, and pick the choice that suits your style the most.

Jada Billalu Variations Available

Some of the Jada Billa designs that are readily available at our store are –

Multi Stone Chandbali Jada Billalu

This variation of Jada Billalu incorporates the famous and elegant “chandbali” design that accentuates the ornament to a great extent. The unique gemstone work that is carefully put together gives this Jada Billalu set a classic look. This piece of Jada Billalu is handmade and gives them a very rustic and traditional look.

White Stone Bridal Jada Billalu

If you like something flashy then this variation of Jada Billalu is perfect for you. This white stone studded Jada Billalu gives the ornament a vibrant look. An ideal choice for weddings, birthdays, engagement parties. Each stone is placed carefully making the ornament a unique piece.

Antique Gold Lakshmi Jada Billalu

This Jada Billalu set is an antique looking ornament that gives a traditional and classic look. The rustic gold finish gives this Jada Billalu set a fine and exquisite vibe. The prime design feature of this Jada Billalu set is the Lakshmi engraved in the center making this ornament an ideal wear for bridal parties or temple ceremonies. So, if you want to buy this Jada Billa design, you can explore our collection and find the best gold Jada designs with price tags. 

Taking Care of Jada Billalu

Jada Billalu is a delicate piece of hair ornament worn on special occasions. Therefore, in order to maintain its life and keep it looking great for a long time, you’ll need to follow a few instructions.

-        Keep Jada Billalu away from water, perfume or deodorants as they may affect the finish of the ornament.

-        Store it in a zip lock bag or a plastic box after use.

-        If Jada Billalu comes in contact with any moisture, then wipe it dry immediately.

-        Avoid using velvet jewellery boxes for storing this ornament.

-        As the studded stones and other elements of Jada Billau are delicate and handmade, make sure to avoid any heavy impact on them.

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