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Buy high quality, aesthetically pleasing Bharatanatyam Kunjalam, hair brooch, premade ready jada and all things essential. Bharatanatyam – an Indian classical traditional dance form, is not complete without the full-fledged attire and accessories.

Especially when it comes to hair accessories for Bharatanatyam, dancers adorn beautiful and intricately made jada, kunjalam and gajra to accentuate their hair.These accessories complete the entire look and further accentuates the beauty of this dance form.

From our wide collection, you can pick the best Bharatanatyam Kunjalam that is not just made with superior quality material but is designed to go perfectly with the Bharatanatyam attire. Kunjalam is basically ball shaped hanging worn at the end of the hair braid.

This tiny piece of accessory does a fabulous job in increasing the appeal quotient of the entire Bharatanatyam look. Aside from Bharatanatyam, Kunjalam can also be seen to be used among women in traditional attire.

More Accessories

At our store, you will find a plethora of hair accessories that would amplify your Bharatanatyam look. While Kunjalam is a go-to accessory worn in long braids, to further beautify the braid, we have got a great collection of Jewelry ready jada, false hair extensions, heavy duty Bobby pins, etc.

Jewelry Ready Jada – The Jewelry ready jada is for your long lustrous braid. Adding the jada to your braid gives it an authentic classical look that fits well with the Bharatanatyam attire.

Bharatanatyam dancers are always seen wearing beautiful jewelry embellished jada on braids. Our collection of Jadas is durable and high in quality.

But that’s not all, these Jadas are pre-made so you don’t have to go through any hassle. Just clasp it on your braid and you are good to go.

False Hair Extensions – Long and thick hair is always appreciated and looks amazing with the entire Bharatanatyam attire. But if you have short hair then fret not! Our false hair extensions will come in handy.

Made with fine quality nylon, these hair extensions are easy to add to your hair.The nylon fiber makes the hair extensions easy to manage and therefore, you can braid them easily as per your desire. Don’t forget to add the Bharatanatyam Kunjalam for completing the hair style.

Heavy Duty Bobby Pins – Bharatanatyam Dancers look extremely elegant with their heavily accessorized hair. However, the heavy accessories can take a toll on your hairstyle.

Your braid may fall loose. But not if you use heavy duty bobby pins to secure your hairstyle. Choose from our collection of bobby pins and keep your hairstyle intact.

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Our collection of hair accessories is curated for Bharatanatyam dancers and other traditional Indian classical dance forms. From Bharatanatyam Kunjalam to heavy duty bobby pins, our store has got everything that you need to complete your Bharatanatyam look.

All of our featured products are ensured to be of highest quality that is visibly appealing as well. Adding them to your attire will further make your look stand out from others, therefore, giving you the confidence to give a stellar performance.

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