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Design by Classical Dance Jewelry®
❥ Product Details: Meenakari Brass Paraat/Plate with Sarwa/Kalasha/Chembu is used for Diwali Puja, Navaratri, Ganesh Utsva, Puja Decor, Weddings, Satyanarayana Vratam
❥ Handcrafted in pure brass water pot with Red and Green colored Meena work done on it.
❥ Kalasha" also refers to such a pot filled with water and topped with a coronet of mango leaves and a coconut.
❥ Brass Minakari pot/ghada has slanting sides, flat bottom and a wide mouth
❥ Brass Minakari Paraat/Plate/tray/Thali has slanting sides, flat bottom in 2 Sizes

❥ Material : Brass
❥ Color: Gold

❥❥❥❥ Size (sizes in inches are approximate)
☛ Plate Size : 16,20 inchs
☛ Kalisam 6 Inchs

❇️ Metal by nature is little soft compared to pure silver so little shape variations and dents could happen during shipping even after taking complete care in packing.
❇️ BRASS items by nature will show slight discolorations around soldering or embossed designs areas.
❇️ BRASS are metal based items, so it will have soldering marks and black spots.

❥❥❥❥ Brass WASHING TIPS!!!!!
☛ Use only MILD SOAP to wash articles
☛ In order to maintain color durability WASH with tamarind, lime. Don't use soaps and detergent to wash Brass articles as acidity from those products could cause discoloration.
☛ After use you can clean, wrap and store it in clear plastic bags to maintain color durability.

❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀PLEASE NOTE❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

❥ No Return/ No Exchange / No Cancellation!
❥ It's handmade item so they might not look exactly like the sample picture
❥ We will send item that are in stock close to the sample picture.
❥ Final Choice of selection is by Classical Dance Jewelry only.
❥ All items Classical Dance Jewelry carry are unique, different and extremely beautiful.

❥ ❥ ❥ Care Instructions :
❥ Please keep it away from perfumes, deodorants and water for longevity.
❥ You can use your jewelry whenever required but while unused, please maintain it inside a plastic box or zip lock covers. Any moisture or sweat should be properly wiped off before preserving inside.
❥ Please do not use those velvet boxes for preserving imitation jewelry.
❥ All items are completely inspected for every crystal, bead, strings before we send it out and each piece is carefully packaged to reach you safely.
❥ As these are imitation delicate handmade products so there are slight chances of stones falling off during shipping so simple glue can fix the problem.

❥ ❥❥ Special Note:
❥ We regret that we are unable to accept the exchange or return of all the items in our shop for health and hygiene reasons so All sales are FINAL on ALL orders.
❥ However in special case of any issue we will definitely try and resolve it!

🎈 We need proof of video while package is opening for considering any case of missing or damaged products 🎈

❥ ❥❥ Please read our terms, conditions, and shipping info located in Policies before committing to purchase.
🎈Please verify that your mailing address is correct before submitting the order. 🎈

❥ Thank you for visiting / shopping at Classic Dance Jewelry!

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